Environmental Impact Assessments are intended to measure potential impact (positive or negative) that proposed projects could have. STRIX Ecological Consulting Ltd. specializes in services that address ecological impacts of proposed projects. By quantifying potential impacts, measures can be recommended to mitigate potential negative impacts.

STRIX principals have experience with the following techniques:

Core EIA Surveys
  • Aerial surveys for ungulates
  • Aerial surveys for beaver/muskrat
  • Amphibian call surveys
  • Bat surveys
  • Breeding bird surveys
  • Nocturnal and diurnal owl surveys
  • Winter transect tracking

Additional Services
  • Amphibian and reptile trapping and tagging
  • Bird trapping and banding
  • Nest searches
  • Pellet count surveys
  • Radar surveys
  • Radio and satellite telemetry
  • Raptor call surveys
  • Snake den searches and surveys
  • Small mammal live-trapping and tagging
  • Winter back-trailing surveys